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Odin has dispatched his knights (under the command of Elvind) to eradicate the last of the Forest Elves - The Huldra. Maiken and her sisters (Thyra & Lisbet) are the last remaining elves. Can Maiken and her sisters survive the last Odin hunt?

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About the film

Odin's Hunt has dispatched his knights into the Forests of Asgard, led by Elvind, their task to find and kill the last of the Huldra. MAIKEN and her sisters (Thyra and Lisbet) are the last and seek to evade the Knights of Asgard at all costs. Maiken has a plan to secure an alliance that will ensure their survival. Thyra, her sister, has plans of her own.

A story of genocide and fight back by minority groups told through the allegory of a Norwegian Fairy Tale.

Status: Post Production

Canadian cinematography best producer award


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The Cast

Michelle J.Wright

Michelle J. Wright

Michelle is an award winning Actress and Singer who graduated from Italia Conti Theatre School London, with a full scholarship for 3 years on the Acting and Performing Arts Course. During her training at Conti's, Michelle played many roles in their many shows and plays including to name a few, "Mrs Johnstone" Blood Brothers, "Mavis" Stepping Out and "Trincalo" in William Shakespeare's The Tempest. She has since gone on to appear in many Films and Commercials as Leads including "Susan" in Amazon Prime award winning erotic Indie Feature Thriller "Introspectum Motel" shot in Romania, and "Ashley" in the 2 hander Thriller Short "Waiting For Nicko" directed by Award Winning Director Howard Perry. The film has won several awards so far on the Festival Circuit and Michelle has achieved several Best Actress Awards in multiple IMDb qualifying film festivals worldwide. She has worked with many respected award winning Directors in the industry, including Tim Kent at Pinewood Studios.

Daniella Michieli

Daniella Michieli

Daniella recently shot short film 'Maiken' playing the role of Viking Witch; Thyra. Daniella's last project 'Waiting for Nicko' is currently on the festival circuit and has won a number of awards and made final selection for festivals all over the world. Daniella and her co- star won Best Acting Duo for IMDB awards; Best Actor Award 2020 (In NY and LA), Hollywood Gold Awards 2020, Independent Shorts Awards 2020 and Indie Short Fest 2020. Daniella is also a professional Ice Skater with a British Silver Medal at Junior Ice Dance Championship Level.

Johanna Tuominen

Johanna K. Lumi

Johanna K. Lumi is a multilingual Nordic actress living in London. She was ecstatic for being casted in the role of Lisbet as she got to make her Katniss Everdeen dreams come true by trying out her newly picked up skill in traditional archery on screen for the first time. Having trained both in musical theatre (Cambridge School of Art) and acting for film (New York Film Academy), Johanna has in addition to several musicals appeared in TV shows like Temple and This is Going to Hurt as well as in several independent films where she has benefitted from her versatile skill set, jack-of-all-trades as she is often called. Born and raised in the depths of Finland Johanna enjoys spending time in nature and makes sure to visit her dog, two sheep and chickens at the family farm whenever possible. She was also very much like “at home” whilst filming Maiken when there was no signal to the outside world. The deeper the forest, the higher the mountains, the better – and if that can be done whilst making movies, then that’s the best!

Nicholas Pople

Nicholas Pople

Nicholas Pople has been a professional actor since graduating from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2016. A lover of all acting mediums, his film credits include the British gangster short ‘The Nautilus Mutiny’ (2022) and the suspenseful, horror ‘Unbidden’ (2021). His theatre performances include ‘If Only Diana Were Queer’ (Edinburgh Fringe), ‘Biscuit’ (Tristan Bates Theatre) and he is performing in the comedy ‘Dolls & Guys’ at the Camden fringe later in 2022. Nicholas has also worked on various other projects including voice acting work, music videos and a video game. He’s currently developing his skills in stage combat, accents and performance capture.

Tristan Pretty

Tristan Pretty

Tristan has appeared on TV, Film and stage all over the UK and parts of Europe. His height lends itself to larger character roles but a calm aura has helped Tristan secure all manner of character types over the years. Currently working on a 4 man play and a TV show, his ambition is to create something to both make you laugh and cry. Tristan brings his powerful screen presence and voice to the role of Odin.

The Crew

Howard Perry

Howard Perry

Born in London, Howard studied Film Making at MetFilm, Ealing Studios, London. He works as an independent film producer, director and screenwriter. Howard, currently, lives in Kent, United Kingdom and has filmed in Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. In 2022 Howard’s Short Drama ‘Waiting for Nicko” was nominated for Best Short Film at the Cannes World Film Festival. Howard has a passion for classic story telling, using the medium of film to entertain his audience, inspired by classic film production styles. Howard has directed shorts, music videos and documentaries. His films have been awarded at in International Film Festivals. In 2018 his short drama ‘Cuttings’ won the SERIAC Film Festival 2018. ‘Skye Steele – Rise of Nefertiti’ (Howard’s 1930s period drama) was awarded finalist in; Hollywood, New York, Berlin & Florence Film Festivals. Howard wrote the screenplay for ‘MAIKEN’. MAIKEN provided a unique opportunity to create an authentic Medieval feel to a Fantasy Drama. My production team of costume, armour and make-up delivered feature quality costumes and visual effects. The professional Cast gave outstanding performances to bring my story to life. “I am delighted that we were able to weave such an intriguing, female led, storyline and showcase their powerful performances to create such a powerful short fantasy drama.”

Frank Hammond

Frank Hammond

Producer/Director, Cinematographer and Gaffer from Surrey in the United Kingdom. Frank began his journey in film in 2016, taking on many different jobs in commercials, music videos and narrative shorts as a runner. Soon after this in 2018, Frank began to progress into Lighting Design on low budget music videos. This then again progressed, growing into designing for short films, feature films and bigger music videos. In September of 2018 Frank launched his Production Company; Head Start Productions. So far Head Start Productions have produced three of Frank's short films as well as some low budget music videos and commercials. As of 2022, Frank has directed 7 short films, his latest, "The Warehouse" to be released late in 2022. In early 2022, Frank finished up as Cinematographer on his 3rd feature film, "Viking's Revenge". As of mid 2022, he is shooting many different types of short films, but specialising in Horror and Thriller shorts and features after shooting his first feature film, "Mask of the Devil" which entered its festival run in July of 2022.